Board members

Mariah Johnson

Board Chair/President

Mariah grew up being the “weird, misunderstood” kid who didn’t feel like she really fit in anywhere. Decades later she got into tabletop RPGs to spend more time with her brother. 

She enjoyed it so much she went out of her comfort zone and found a nearby game store that ended up being the community where she finally felt accepted and where she gained an extended family. 

She wants people to be able to find that welcoming sense of community and acceptance and hopes that Phoenix RPGs can provide that for them.

Chris Valentine


Chris has been playing role-playing games for over three decades. He began gamemastering at conventions in 2018 and has continued to do so ever since. 

 When not running games, Chris creates content for RPG systems, such as D&D 5th Edition, Call of Cthulhu, and Savage Worlds. He also spends time with his family, reads, and toys with graphic design.

Trevor Duston


Trevor lives in the woods and hates people like the firbolg he is. He leaves his camp to host games for communities because games fuel his magic and the better the reasons for gaming, the more magic it maintains. 

More recently, he has been helping to host games for charities which are of the highest tier of magic and fuel changes to the very world around him before receding back into his forest home 

Victor Gomez


Victor has been helping with local conventions for the last few years from social awareness, organization, and helping DM for D&D 5th Edition Epics/Opens. 

When he’s not playing, Victor spends time with his family,  working his main job, and running a side business selling tabletop accessories.

Jason Nielson


Jason’s first taste of a role-playing game was a Dungeons and Dragons choose your own adventure coloring book back in the late 70s. He progressed to the original basic set and red box and was hooked.

He loves teaching new players the games he enjoys and making new friends along the way. He currently runs different Savage Worlds and 5e games online.