Game/Dungeon Master Policy

GM Policies

Thank you for volunteering to run games as part of a Phoenix RPGs event.
By choosing to submit/run/organize an event for Phoenix RPGs, you:

  • Will abide by all venue policies
  • Understand that running an event does not make you a Phoenix RPGs employee or contractor
  • Understand that consequences may occur because of violating Phoenix RPGs policies
  • Agree to ensure the safety of you and your players
  • Agree to follow all directions of organization management

All event space is reserved for organized events. Any unauthorized event will be removed at Phoenix RPG’s discretion. If space is available, please contact staff if you would like to use it for your event. If there are problems or questions, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Please contact staff.

You are responsible for the security of all items you bring to your game. If any special care is necessary, please contact staff to make arrangements however Phoenix RPGs assumes no liability for lost or stolen items.

If there is a reason that your game cannot be run, contact organization staff immediately either by emailing or through the Contact Us form so the game can be cancelled.

Age Policy: Any venue restrictions will be applied and those may differ per venue. If no restrictions, then those 14 and up will be able to GM; however, we do expect those 14-17 years of age to have adult supervision.

Before Your Game

You should arrive at your table at least 15 minutes prior to start time to greet your players. 

In the event that there are no players signed up for your game, you are still required to show up to your designated table and wait at least 5-10 minutes. If your game cannot make, you should let the Phoenix RPGs staff that are on site know and they will provide you with next steps.

If your designated table is in use, contact staff. Do not attempt to move your game to another table/location as this may affect other games.

All players at Conventions must have a valid Event Pass to play. 

During Your Game

Check that all players are wearing valid badges during all games. You need to be wearing a valid badge as well. If players or GMs are found to not be wearing valid badges, they will be warned and if necessary, removed or the game may be cancelled.

Games should run as they were represented in the initial submission. No changes can be made without approval from the organization staff. This includes start/end time, location and content. If any changes are necessary, contact staff.

If there are any problems with disruptive players or security issues, contact the nearest Phoenix RPGs staff member.

After Your Game

Clean up your space. The area should be left as you found it. If you see areas of concern (trash, broken chairs/tables, spills), please contact staff.

If you were at a table where a Chessex Mat was provided, please make sure to wipe clean the mat so that the next GM does not have to clean up after you. A little bit of water on the provided towels should be more than enough to fully clean the mat.

Please ensure that the table number and holder that was present on your table at the beginning of your game is present and clearly visible at the end of your game.